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Asia-Pacific Commission (APC) is the sub-institute of UNIMA, whose headquarter is now in Chengdu, China. UNIMA National Centers in Asia-Pacific region are the members of APC. The aim of APC is strictly follows the statues and rules of UNIMA and accepts guidance from it. APC also dedicates to set up connection and close relationship with UNESCO, UNIMA and other institutes supported puppetry, promote art communication and cooperation between APC and the rest UNIMA National Centers, as well as get APC members, puppetry scholars and puppeteers together. Hopefully APC will make new contributions on safeguarding, inheritance, development, research and personnel training of intangible cultural heritage - puppetry art.


The 22nd Committee of UNIMA Asia-Pacific Commission


President: Tang Dayu (China)

Member of UNIMA Executive Committee

Vice President and Secretary General of UNIMA China

Vice President and Secretary General of China Puppetry and Shadow Art Association

Vice President: Jacques Trudeau (Canada)

Former Secretary General of UNIMA



Members: Ranjana Pandey (India)

President of UNIMA India


Samdora Sriwidjaja (Indonesia)

President of UNIMA Indonesia


Tony Riggio (Australia)

Treasurer of UNIMA Australia


Hamidreza Ardalan (Iran)

President of UNIMA Heritage Commission


Tito Lorefice (Argentina)

President of UNIMA Professional Training Commission


Ichigen Takahashi(Japan)



Tang Guoliang (China)



Li Mingbin

National Shadow Puppetry Museum in Chengdu



Location: Chengdu, China

Address: F6, Qintai Building, No. 25 Tonghuimen Road, Chengdu, China

Tele: 0086-28-86639821

Fax: 0086-28-86630133


Website: (English) (Chinese)








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