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UNIMA India, registered in India in 1986 promotes the voluntary union of puppeteers to support sharing, growth and popularity of puppetry and quality of the performance art.

All the activities that UNIMA India undertakes are geared towards fulfilling these objectives.

Currently UNIMA India has 33 members

While the members renew their membership annually, we have a vast network of supporters and well wishers in the field of puppetry who participate in every which way.

It has always been a challenge to communicate with such a diverse and geographically spread out community.

The challenges are to maintain a uniformity and regularity of communication which is possible only if a dedicated team is defined and entrusted this job as a job.

Depending on volunteers for this core activity has not been successful.

However despite the challenges UNIMA’s work has been growing slowly.

Today there is a positive perception of this body of puppeteers which is established with certain premium cultural institutions like the India International Center, The India Habitat Centre, Dilli Haat, The Crafts Museum and the Kamla Devi Bhavan.



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