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UNIMA – China Centre was established in 2002, whose headquarter is located at Chengdu. Its principle is to strictly accord with Universal Declaration of Human Rights proclaimed by UN congress and the charter and rules of UNIMA. UNIMA – China Centre endeavours to unite all the people who are devoted themselves to the career of puppetry and shadow art, for improving the succession, protection, development and innovation of puppetry and shadow art, promoting friendly communication and art exchange between UNIMA China Centre and UNIMA, as well as other UNIMA national centers, enhancing the friendship and understanding among peoples worldwide, strengthening the historical status and global impact of this ancient art, and finally popularizing this art as a world commonweal with the capacity of exerting imagination, sparking ideas, shaping morality, and making fair share.

China Puppetry and Shadow Art Association was founded in 1980, a national professional and academic association which devotes to the development and flourish of puppetry and shadow art.

China Puppetry and Shadow Art Association has united the nationwide artistic and academic institutes of puppetry and shadow, performing and exhibition groups and artists for the purpose of conducting theoretic discussion and practice exploration on the protection, inheritance, development, innovation of puppetry and shadow art, promoting their artistic level, expanding their influence, carrying out various activities, and revitalizing this two thousand years old national treasure of Chinese nation.


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